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One student one tree programme in TNAU

A mass tree planting programme named as ‘One student one tree program’ was organized by Dean (Agriculture) in association with Dean (Horticulture) for the first year students of all the undergraduate degree programme in the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU), Coimbatore campus on 3-9-2018. This programme aimed to plant one tree by each student during their first year and thereafter to be taken care of them till the completion of their degree programme.

The inaugural programme was held on 3-9-2018 at 4.00pm in RI building premises. Dr. M. Jawaharlal, Dean (Horticulture), TNAU welcomed the gathering and briefed about the importance and uses of various native tree species used in tree planting programme. Dr. S. Mahimairaja, Dean (Agriculture) highlighted the usefulness of trees and giving appreciation certificate affixed with tree and student photograph at the end of their degree programme.

A total of 1000 number of tree saplings were planted in various locations in the university premises viz., in front of RI building, around Anna Auditorium, around various departments, South house and North house, Centenary building premises and Botanical garden.

Dr. K. Ramasamy, Vice-Chancellor, TNAU emphasized the values of trees in terms of its economic value and usefulness to human being. He initiated tree planting by planting a mahizham tree sapling. A total of eight group of students were constituted for carrying out the tree planting at different locations and were monitored by the PG students and staff ofthe Department of Floriculture and Landscaping. The important and indigenous tree pecies planted were, Mimusops elengi, Thespesia populnea, Azadiracta indica, Sweitenia mahogany, Sweitenia macrophylla, Derris indica, Terminalia catappa, Anthocephalus cadamba, Holoptelia integrifolia, Sterculia foetida, Syzygium cuminii, Ficus racemosa etc.

The trees were selected based on the location and space available and their growth habits viz., evergreen bushy, large deciduous, medium-sized evergreen, wide spreading evergreen and spreading crown. This programme would improve the greenery and microclimate of the campus and thereby incorporate the importance of trees in the minds of youngsters.


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