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Agriculture College : According to KAU Onions can now be grown in Kerala

Because of Kerala agricultural university (KAU) research, cultivation of big onion (savala) in Kerala homesteads possible. From the last four years farm trials has conducted by scientists at Thrissur Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) under KAU has identified varieties and finalized farming practices suitable for the state's agro climatic conditions.

Onion cultivation practices formulated through this research programme has also been recommended to be included in the "Package of Practices Recommendations" published by the KAU periodically.

The trials to assess the performance of onion the plains of Kerala was initiated by Thrissur KVK in 2011. The initial on-farm trials have identified '"agri found dark red and arka kalyan'' as best suitable varieties for plains.

"Subsequently these varieties were promoted in other parts of the state as well by different KVKs. Screening trials initiated during 2013-14 as a part of new state plan project found that varieties such as Agri Found Light Red, Bhima Sakthi, Bhima Super among the red type and Agri Found White and Bhima Subra among the white type are also suitable for Kerala conditions," a release from KAU said.

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